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So I just learned I became a Grand Uncle at the ripe old age of...pionear79/20 3:19AM
This Asian Girl is going to prison for 8 years for selling Guns to a Felon.Fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle209/20 3:17AM
you now have complete control over Obama teleprompterSHADOW010669/20 3:17AM
To anyone who is or has been a manager: How do you feel about "Texting in Sick"?
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VioletZer0499/20 3:16AM
Today was my first day working at a real paying job type job. I made pizza. :]
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Gamechamp3k229/20 3:15AM
most people take their job too seriouslyLemonDestroyer99/20 3:14AM
What do i want for my birthday?raymanfan139/20 3:09AM
is Terra Formars any good?Botnus91229/20 2:56AM
man i get swampass* way more often than i should.
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argonautweekynd169/20 2:54AM
Could you point me toward games with great asses?
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ec11929409/20 2:50AM
Explain why Naruto is good?
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Ryan-06309/20 2:49AM
I can't remember where I heard that Far Cry 2 had a really good story.raymanfan1109/20 2:47AM
I accidently discovered an interesting website todayAwesomeTurtwig59/20 2:43AM
Finally got Virtue's Last Reward :DDeltaBladeX109/20 2:38AM
Excessive Ponies Topic ???+1 - omg waifu~ edition (Poll)
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Nade Duck2979/20 2:34AM
Can we just send Batman to defeat ISIS?
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Ryan-06149/20 2:30AM
I am team leader of my senior projectAwesomeTurtwig39/20 2:30AM
Have you ever burnt your mouth on a hot piece of pizza? (Poll)
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MrArmageddon8219/20 2:26AM
Assassin's Creed movie delayed; Deadpool movie confirmedKrow_Incarnate89/20 2:19AM
this seem like a bad ideaSHADOW010659/20 2:18AM