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If I already own FFXIII on PS3, should I bother getting it for PC?ZiggiStardust29/19 4:56PM
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Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory? (Poll)
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GhoullyX249/19 4:55PM
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what is your favorite flavor of ramen?
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Ao_Ryuu54219/19 4:54PM
Favorite Metroid game?
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Ao_Ryuu54519/19 4:54PM
There are no more good comedies on TV anymore...r7gerrabbit49/19 4:54PM
if steve jobs was a wrestling fan, he would of saidsonicbn49/19 4:53PM
I'm playing runescape...
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Judgmenl319/19 4:52PM
LEAST favorite kid from That '70s Show? (Poll)MonsterZed89/19 4:51PM
Could you point me toward games with great asses?
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ec11929319/19 4:51PM
This girl I'm friends with on Facebook got dumped 2 weeks before her marriage
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faramir77129/19 4:49PM
How do you break a game disc?
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n64fan1159/19 4:48PM
You can't make an omelette without crushing dozens of eggs beneath your steelSHADOW010659/19 4:48PM
rate this picture of me
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bachewychomp149/19 4:45PM
My friend is afraid of fliesErik_P19/19 4:41PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 224 Sailor Saturn (Poll)scubasteve4239/19 4:41PM
iOS 8 added Emoji. Not sure how to feel about that.GameGuy77769/19 4:38PM
So Many Games coming out and not enough money....
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NightMareBunny139/19 4:35PM