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This White Lesbian is suing a bank cause she got a Black Sperm! Is she Racist? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1310/1 9:26PM
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How do you get your drinking water? (Poll)
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Storrac1710/1 9:26PM
How do socially awkward introverts earn money?Laffy444910/1 9:26PM
Remember PotD: Someday, love will find you.WastelandCowboy210/1 9:25PM
Keyboard is the reason many people dont get into pc gaming
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Metal_Gear_Link6510/1 9:25PM
why da mushroom topic closeNade Duck210/1 9:24PM
My top 10 favorite anime's (Poll)
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scubasteve423010/1 9:23PM
Is there anything worse than a PG rated comedy movie?
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Chef_Excellence1710/1 9:22PM
Ernst Stavro Blofeld vs. Dr. Evil (Poll)WastelandCowboy410/1 9:18PM
Angelina Jolie noooooooooooooooooooooooRyan-06510/1 9:18PM
You can now quick post polls without previewing them (Poll)DeltaBladeX710/1 9:07PM
This American Mother caught her Kid Skipping School..Did she cross the Line?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1210/1 9:07PM
This is the Man who has Ebola in the United States!! (Poll)Full Throttle1010/1 9:05PM
Who has played MGQ?
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Giratena20082810/1 9:03PM
i might move far away and join the mmajamieyello3310/1 9:02PM
Have they explained where the titans came from in Attack on Titan?JoanOfArcade810/1 9:01PM
What movie is this from?lihlih210/1 9:00PM
I wish I had another $6 on PSN (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX1110/1 9:00PM
Help search for friendsknightoffire55210/1 8:53PM