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Most Exciting Chases in Gaming History
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Rex789189/2 7:37AM
Post ITT if you used to turn Mario's mustache into sunglasses in Mario 64.Zareth29/2 7:33AM
What's the worst thing you can say to a gril after she excuses herself...
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AwesomeTurtwig139/2 7:31AM
You know what I can't stand about next-gen graphics?
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rodman870169/2 7:14AM
Wish I could still trade over WiFi in Pokemon Black 2DeltaBladeX29/2 7:07AM
So..., what DLC do you truly believe was 100% worth the money???
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shipwreckers729/2 6:28AM
i dare you not to laugh at this movie trailerNightMareBunny89/2 6:13AM
Offense to games poll: So if offended/disturbed, what was the game?
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hawsman2539/2 6:05AM
I caught a tiny little budgie today, is there anything I need to know? tl;dr etc
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Julia_Jules119/2 5:11AM
Does Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies have characters from the first 3 games?
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GanonsSpirit119/2 4:42AM
The Greatest Sig Bet Of All TimeMr_Sockyman109/2 4:37AM
Would you rather hug the above poster or punch them?
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Ao_Ryuu54439/2 4:34AM
Hey Jen
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bachewychomp119/2 4:11AM
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Your favourite radio station in GTA Vice City? (Poll)trodi_91119/2 3:08AM