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How are the Persona rpg games?MechaKirby212/25 9:24PM
Should the Washington Redskins change their incredibly offensive racist name? (Poll)
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McSame_as_Bush2612/25 9:24PM
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Just had a 3 hour munchkin-esque argument about the rules of Rumoli.Lokarin212/25 9:23PM
So what video games did everyone get for Christmas?Storrac812/25 9:22PM
You have ONE job PotD. You must select a game I will enjoy off of Steam.
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Judgmenl4212/25 9:22PM
If "The Interview" keeps it up on IMDB
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TreGooda2912/25 9:21PM
why do Isis members cosplay as ninjas?SHADOW0106512/25 9:21PM
Just watched The Interviewpapercup412/25 9:21PM
Yesterday, I played Strip Magic the Gathering, then earned my red wings, AMA
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lihlih2512/25 9:21PM
What is the best Christmas movie? (Poll)
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Blighboy1112/25 9:21PM
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Eminem gay?Metro2212/25 9:15PM
Black Flag for PS3, PS4, or 360?justaseabass512/25 9:14PM
Pee-Wee's Christmas Special is on Netflix. Please watch it!daftalive08412/25 9:12PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master20612/25 9:10PM
What's a good convincing reason to break up with your girlfriend of 2 years?
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Rlaur22112/25 9:05PM
Is it racist that Music:Rap requires a certain user lever and Music:Rock doesnt? (Poll)McSame_as_Bush1012/25 9:00PM
I wasted this Christmas day playing Kingdom Hearts and not with my family.EclairReturns312/25 8:55PM