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About the Microsoft HoloLens, are there such thing as "stupid ideas"?InfestedAdam61/27 8:03AM
How long until parents names their kids xXxNoScopezSnipez360xXx?WhatPoll61/27 8:00AM
anita's gonna be starting up a new series on masculinity in games
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Nade_Pony171/27 7:41AM
I'm still alive guys.
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Judgmenl171/27 7:30AM
This morning, I added crystallized ginger to my oatmeal.SunWuKung42051/27 7:02AM
<Warning> ICOYAR-tier topictrodi_911101/27 6:33AM
App pollRomKik81/27 6:25AM
Post fan art for the above posted game
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DeltaBladeX211/27 6:15AM
I have a crazy idea, but it just might work with enough numbersWhatPoll21/27 6:09AM
Finally, a Deal With It GIF I likeDeltaBladeX31/27 6:03AM
Pikmin 3Lokarin61/27 5:25AM
Sometimes, I want to say that I don't think Jessica Nigri is hot...
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AllstarSniper32171/27 5:22AM
How often do you use SpeedTest!
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Ryan-06381/27 5:13AM
Did you here about the mime that was shot in LA?St_Kevin31/27 5:05AM
Is the movie Mortal Kombat theme even in any of the games?Lokarin41/27 4:45AM
f*** smash bros, the best wii u game of holiday 2014 was captain toad.
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ZiggiStardust351/27 4:45AM
This person on facebook has the last name McQueerfrybrain009421/27 4:28AM
Baby. Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.Arctic_Sunrise101/27 4:01AM
Boredom hang out topic | part 9
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Slayer78614371/27 2:06AM
New guitar waiting topic
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acesxhigh171/27 1:51AM