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Anime,Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic XLVI
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This Texas Teacher FAILED his entire 30-person class! Look at what he Said!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle74/27 5:28PM
Wisconsin Church Cancels PIG WRESTLING after Outrage..Look at their Faces!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle44/27 5:28PM
so five nights at freddy's 4 was just announced-Komaiko54M54/27 5:27PM
Do you believe in alien life? (Poll)
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You lose ten dollars every time you eat meat, but gain five for every veggie.
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EclairReturns354/27 5:19PM
Come on and SLAM, if you want to JAM!Death_Of_Effie34/27 5:18PM
Now that Valve pulled paid mods due to popular demand, is Valve still evil?VioletZer0104/27 5:16PM
Gaming is dying vs gamers becoming more entitled (Poll)
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I've come to dislike retro gamers more than dude bro gamers
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An Alt Rock 5-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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We should be paying $120 at the very LEAST for each video game.
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How hard is it going to be transitioning from a part-time student to full-time?
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EclairReturns114/27 5:04PM
bill burr is funny as hellrgonautweekend74/27 4:55PM
Oh man, that fight last night was so incredibly satisfying. Henderson vs. Thatch
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Troll_Police_264/27 4:55PM
I think my friend just killed himself
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deadpigs101694/27 4:45PM
fifty secondsHenryKissiger14/27 4:42PM
I'm dissecting a pig in biology next weekJamaalCharles3984/27 4:40PM
21st birthdays are awesome because all your old friends be like...shadowSEXil74/27 4:36PM
Greatest Game Ever : Round 1 : Match 26: Smash Bros. Melee vs Metal Gear Solid (Poll)quigonzel34/27 4:31PM