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Is Twilight a sneaky parody/social commentary or is it just stupid?OmegaTomHank711/20 6:03AM
So, uhh... Planet Michael.raymanfan1211/20 6:02AM
Would you pay 2000$ in order to have access to footage of your best life events?
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tiago923711/20 5:06AM
Mike Tyson Mysteries? Are you serious with this?
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Bugmeat1911/20 3:45AM
The latest episode of South Park literally blew my mind. (spoilers)Lobomoon811/20 3:20AM
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Stop watching porn! (Poll)
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Raw_Egg1811/20 2:45AM
What is your favorite star, besides the Sun?
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AwesomeTurtwig2511/20 2:32AM
A while back i downloaded rainmeterargonautweekynd611/20 2:30AM
New Dragon Age game gets banned in India b/c of a Gay scene:pionear911/20 2:19AM
Outrageous! Utah Republicans want to execute Criminals by Firing Squad again!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1411/20 1:10AM
What is the mystery behind diet mount dew?
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davf1351111/20 12:44AM
First two letters of previous posters username in address bar, what pops up?
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DeltaBladeX3611/20 12:40AM
I'm a GOD! (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX1511/20 12:09AM
I actually find the Vita more appealing than the 3DSNeoSioType411/20 12:00AM
What was your opinion on Naruto's final fight? (Spoilers)
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mike13771411/19 11:59PM
Less than 10 hours until I have Pokemon Omega Ruby
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DeltaBladeX1411/19 11:41PM
Who's ready for Obama's third term?NeoSioType511/19 11:26PM
Would anyone with REU membership care to reinvite me?caveman7570311/19 11:26PM
Would you continue to wear or change?
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RJP_X1311/19 11:15PM