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Single mom can't afford to but things for her kids. She works a min. wage job...
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green dragon3012/17 10:01PM
I am extremely close to keeping and maintaining a 200 average
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WhatPoll3312/17 10:00PM
Better Call Saul!EggsBenedikt212/17 9:53PM
How could you forget me?knightoffire55512/17 9:34PM
I hurt the Gingerbread BoyOmegaTomHank112/17 9:16PM
I want this Lego setOgurisama1012/17 9:12PM
I wish the mods would delete this boardacesxhigh712/17 9:05PM
I like this buildingQc_Stryder (M)912/17 8:57PM
Games completed in 2014?
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trodi_9111612/17 8:45PM
The new Awesomenauts achievements are worth hundreds of Astats points!Lokarin912/17 8:44PM
Perks of Being Married...
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JediMutant1312/17 8:40PM
ffs what Chrono Trigger song is this?
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Judgmenl1312/17 8:38PM
Every rule has an exception.GanonsSpirit212/17 8:35PM
Here's an idealist thought...
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Kyuubi42691612/17 8:33PM
CNN's AskACop hashtag backfires horribly.
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Metro21112/17 8:07PM
I'm scared, my body is undergoing strange changes...Chef_Excellence512/17 8:02PM
Why are people upset with The Interview not going to air in certain theaters?
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cdark1312/17 7:52PM
Hey can one of you LP this game and put it on YouTube or the internet/whatever?
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Milleyd11212/17 7:51PM
I, too, used to think about suicide and how easy it would be...WastelandCowboy512/17 7:46PM
My GTA V install frozeJoanOfArcade612/17 7:35PM