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HD Kittens video. Growing from newborn to 1 week. The progress is adorable <3
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Doctor Foxx304/20 11:08AM
What fast food place has the best buns?Lokarin64/20 10:54AM
If you where a poll of the day trading card!BlazeAndBlade104/20 10:46AM
I'm looking for a toy to help with pixel artLokarin14/20 10:36AM
1 equals 1000TheWorstPoster44/20 10:33AM
A woman shouldn't be president.
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miczz364/20 10:12AM
For a move about supernatural and demon fighting, Constantine is a dark movieRFC2254/20 10:10AM
ACTUAL funniest potder contest. Bracket #5 (Poll)
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Troll_Police_474/20 10:03AM
I'm supposed to be hearing back from the Nuke Plant either today or tomorrowAwesomeTurtwig84/20 9:51AM
anyone here play Star Wars The Old Republic?Botnus91264/20 9:26AM
An ENTIRE Police Force in Missouri Quits after they elect First Black Mayor!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle214/20 9:23AM
Death battle day 13: Galactus vs Unicron (Poll)jedirood24/20 9:15AM
Conservatives are OUTRAGED Tim McGraw is playing at Gun Control Rally!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle164/20 9:13AM
What do you call a pirate horse?WadaTah44/20 8:58AM
What would you like to see in Fallout 4
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BlazeAndBlade214/20 8:56AM
I don't understand people who don't tip at restaurants
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JokePoster554/20 8:37AM
god I hate it when you can't go to sleepyem6942054/20 8:35AM
Didn't knew Fire Emblem was so under the radar...
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Exorian314/20 8:32AM
"Harrison Ford looks like someone's grand dad now" Seriously?
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GrimCyclone284/20 8:28AM
We did it PotD! We did it!St_Kevin34/20 8:24AM