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I just watched The Shawshank Redemption. *spoilers*EclairReturns311/27 9:51PM
I'm from an alternate universe. AMAknightoffire55911/27 9:48PM
Just finished Tales From the Borderlands EP1JoanOfArcade511/27 9:46PM
!!! Star Wars Episode VII teaser is coming this weekCaptain-Trips711/27 9:43PM
i heard the werd of god!!Lemur_Says111/27 9:40PM
Why is that in the Rugrats UniverseWhatPoll911/27 9:32PM
I dislike thanksgivingSHADOW0106311/27 9:22PM
anybody here have Guns of Icarus?Botnus912211/27 9:09PM
A Bullet for my Valentine 5-pack came out for Rocksmith 2014 today! (Poll)AllstarSniper32511/27 9:03PM
I wonder... is something wrong, developmentally, with Duckbear?BNVshark123811/27 8:56PM
Did you know that Lightning Returns is a good game? (Poll)knightoffire55511/27 8:49PM
Celebrated Thanksgiving in Colombia tonight.Zora_Prince411/27 8:26PM
F*** negotiating a gym membership. Holy hell it's ridiculous.
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Dynalo1111/27 8:24PM
if mario and Link switch worldsZikten711/27 8:24PM
Get this topic to 500 and I'll gift a game on Steam to the last poster. (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy1211/27 8:22PM
Trying to decide if I should sell Ass Creed Rogue.raymanfan1211/27 8:16PM
Sports Discussion Topic #105: The Dark Ages
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Squall749146411/27 8:14PM
S***, I just realized my friends are changing me
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BNVshark1231111/27 8:13PM
Have you ever felt like you could feel the presence of someone?NeoSioType211/27 8:06PM
I have a bunch of offers to get taken to a bar for my birthdayMuscles_420611/27 7:59PM