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My pictures made it to the front page of Reddit. That was weird. Oh, Redditors.
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ATTENTION POTD. i can't play with you as much anymore...(sad face)
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400 coins left, what should I get from Club Nintendo?Zareth64/24 4:46PM
Recent research shows that blondes actually have a lower average IQ. (Poll)
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Score one for screen protectors.
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How is your Friday going so far?
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Why do people go crazy during break ups?Wyand_Voidbring94/24 4:32PM
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This atheist rant is hilarious
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Dwarf Fortress Mafia: Early Spring (Day 1)
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Why the outrage for Chic-Fil-A, but not for Barack or Hilary on gay marriage?
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I want the old argument ender back....blackhrt24/24 4:06PM