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So I bought a Captain Underpants bookJoanOfArcade1012/25 4:53PM
If you were gay, would you be passive or active?SephirothXV612/25 4:50PM
I would tear up that AT&T girl from the commercials.
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justaseabass1312/25 4:50PM
Would you like a The hobbit film whit all filler removed? (Poll)kratospwnsnoobz412/25 4:47PM
i just got given reddit gold... 3 timesLootman112/25 4:40PM
BlepharoplastyDespondentDeity312/25 4:33PM
Having a pretty bad Christmas.keyblader1985712/25 4:32PM
Waited to buy the Little Mac Amiibo and now they're sold out everywhere near by
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Melon_Master2812/25 4:30PM
What Steam Workshop Skyrim mods should I getJoanOfArcade912/25 4:22PM
What is your all-time favorite PotD poll question?McSame_as_Bush512/25 4:17PM
ITT: I will post some of my favorite pictures I took in 2014
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SIvIart_USMC1912/25 3:56PM
PotD Gun Topic Part 2
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SIvIart_USMC22112/25 3:52PM
Those who are alone today, why and what are you doing?Buddha1187312/25 3:27PM
That Doctor Who ending (Christmas Episode Spoilers)Judgmenl512/25 3:20PM
The Poll of the Day is flawed.
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creamyspy691712/25 3:18PM
If you have a Wii U, add me! :D
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Melon_Master5612/25 3:04PM
ITT We write a short Growing Pains fanfic three words at a time for Kirk Cameron
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Melon_Master23212/25 3:03PM
The new Hobbit movie is the stupidest movie since the Phantom MenaceEggsBenedikt212/25 2:56PM
Facebook is messing up, PSN and Xbox Live are having issues...Chef_Excellence412/25 2:54PM
Is xbox live messed up or is it just my internet?
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JoanOfArcade1112/25 2:54PM