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My God It's Freezing!aDirtyShisno1012/26 9:34AM
Christmas was amazing this yearErik_P612/26 9:34AM
Of these female names, what do you find more attractive? (Poll)Ogurisama112/26 9:34AM
Destiny is a terrible gameCSRouge96712/26 9:33AM
exciting speed runs to watch?
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Botnus9121212/26 9:31AM
Just bought a PS4.
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Dynalo1312/26 9:31AM
Looking through my old screenshot archives (2000+ screenshots) and I see a trendJudgmenl512/26 9:30AM
so Lizard Squad are Nintendo fanboyskratospwnsnoobz612/26 9:28AM
FDA Eases ban on Gays giving blood (Poll)Q_Sensei1012/26 9:28AM
You have ONE job PotD. You must select a game I will enjoy off of Steam.
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Judgmenl4912/26 9:23AM
playstation network still down?unplugmodemo812/26 9:23AM
There must have been some magic in that old silk hat the found...Dmess85412/26 9:08AM
Post your Christmas loot
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DirtBasedSoap5112/26 9:08AM
I have a large dong, I'm over 6'5", I can fight, and I'm pretty.
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ASlaveObeys7612/26 8:59AM
I want to stay in bed, but I'm also hungry...papercup312/26 8:55AM
Baby Jesus stolen from nativity display, replaced with severed pig's headFar-Queue812/26 8:50AM
I drink heavily at airport bars
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Milleyd3512/26 8:50AM
Yesterday, I played Strip Magic the Gathering, then earned my red wings, AMA
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Rate what I got
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newsuperdude1212/26 8:47AM
Where can I get one of THESE?!Metalsonic66612/26 8:44AM