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The People who hang it under the roll should burn in hell!!
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ITT: We name the most tragic hero we can think of (Use spoiler tags plox)
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chaosbowser474/15 1:08PM
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I think I'm addicted to chicken.
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Dynalo304/15 11:16AM
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Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.raymanfan1104/15 11:05AM
I'm so tired of seeing fat girls hate on skinny girls.
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MasterSword546244/15 11:04AM
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If having alts was a perma ban offense...
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jedirood234/15 10:39AM
Just discovered CupquakeLokarin24/15 10:37AM
How do you hang your toilet roll at home?
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RayKnight194/15 10:35AM
Am I the only one here who hates cheese but loves pizza?
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justaseabass204/15 10:34AM