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C/D: You had/have a job where you had to hire/fire people (Poll)
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what the f*** just happened?
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-Komaiko54M115/2 7:43PM
anyone up for some late night smash bros. U? (Closed)-Komaiko54M25/2 7:41PM
Here is the Official CANCELLED TV Shows of the 2014-2015 Season!! Bloodbath.... (Poll)
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Full Throttle405/2 7:21PM
I just sold a pair of shoes to a friend for $155.
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ESMWjot315/2 7:21PM
Why aren't there more black cops in predominately black communities?CarefreeDude105/2 7:18PM
It bothers me that the only people who have ever been openly attracted to me...keyblader198575/2 7:17PM
Kosher Dill WholesJokePoster25/2 7:10PM
300 different channels...CaioNV15/2 7:07PM
What is better? Going to sleep, or waking up? (Poll)brisashi65/2 6:58PM
I took an IQ test and got 116! What's your IQ?
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EragonLover872565/2 6:53PM
This 33 y/o Black Mom called to Kill All White Cops on FB!! Look at the Post!!.. (Poll)
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Pandora is playing Darude SandstormChef_Excellence45/2 6:42PM
Topic Title: What is your favorite vowel? (Poll)
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GoFundMe page for the 6 Baltimore Cops has been SHUT DOWN!!! (Poll)Full Throttle25/2 6:40PM
Topic Title: Do you preview your message before posting? (Poll)McSame_as_Bush45/2 6:34PM
Any games worth playing on a vita?WaterImp35/2 6:31PM
knock him out the box, luke.
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Nade Duck125/2 6:30PM
POLL: If you were eaten by animal, which would you prefer it be?
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Where would you go if you had a week off from work?
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WastelandCowboy185/2 6:29PM