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Why are people who have fever get quarantined for Ebola?Ryan-06910/16 5:10PM
At a highschool football game. What better to do than post here.FellWolf610/16 5:09PM
Do you consider this person a "radical" Muslim?
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Metro21810/16 4:41PM
Because I got High (Positive Remix)frybrain0094110/16 4:32PM
I've done it, I've found a fairy recent racist children's movieBNVshark123510/16 4:28PM
Is it safe to use iPad Air on public transport.Lobomoon610/16 4:18PM
Why did NightmareBunny close his topic about his dad taking time off work?Erik_P610/16 4:17PM
Glad 6.0+ games are considered good now and not only 8.5+
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Metal_Gear_Link1110/16 4:08PM
Anyone else a little tired of the Magic Class = Nuker?VioletZer0910/16 4:07PM
How good is Tales of Xillia 2 compared to the other tales games?MechaKirby410/16 4:02PM
for no reason my dad decided to take every friday off for the rest of the year.. (Closed)
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NightMareBunny2010/16 3:59PM
i'm so good at NSUNS3FBhelIy210/16 3:55PM
here's girl #3 for our video game (Poll)
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PollGuy543110/16 3:49PM
I pray my wife's cousin, finds a new boyfriend soon. She's here all the time now
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Melon_Master10710/16 3:44PM
Remember that scene where Indiana Jones throws a German soldier out of window?..Lobomoon310/16 3:39PM
Best names for you rival in pokemonjoeA31110/16 3:37PM
SURGE soda is back in stock at Amazon. :x
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Melon_Master2710/16 3:37PM
If you get every answer correct on a game of Jeopardy you can win $566,000Erik_P910/16 3:36PM
telegraphique le console de SetiembreHenryKissiger110/16 3:31PM
They are still letting M Night Shymalan make movies.
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knightoffire552210/16 3:27PM