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Bayonetta 2's cold open is greatLokarin112/15 7:37PM
I just watched Tien vs Yamcha in Dragon Ball <spoilers>
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Judgmenl1412/15 7:37PM
Don't tango with Bravo Team, the baddest team around.MordantHubris712/15 7:23PM
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Will you be Having Christmas or Skipping Christmas on December 25th?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1212/15 7:00PM
>hand in template for coding assignmentacesxhigh112/15 6:57PM
Alright.... Which staff jumped the early gun this time? (^_^) Dun dun duuuuun!BushidoEffect3512/15 6:57PM
There's a baby with a gunLokarin612/15 6:56PM
I am the very model of a modern Major-General,Ogurisama112/15 6:46PM
Where do I go to join the illuminati?jamieyello3812/15 6:44PM
Why are dogs and cats more important then other animals to most people?
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darcandkharg311112/15 6:43PM
Taken 3 = The Saw-ism???FadetooBlack512/15 6:40PM
would you let an old lady die in your home if she requested it? (Poll)Nade Duck1012/15 6:33PM
Do you think Taylor Swift is a freak in bed?
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TacoOfTheOpera1312/15 6:32PM
Could someone explain DarkSydePhil for me?Solid Sonic1012/15 6:29PM
Sometimes I forget to take my anti depressants before bed...DirtBasedSoap512/15 6:29PM
do you have friends? (Poll)
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mayu7802312/15 6:20PM
Best way to have pizza? (Poll)
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Ogurisama2612/15 6:19PM
I want to draw as many pictures as possible before 2015 (Poll)
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Lokarin1212/15 6:17PM
Well I just found the first thing I am gonna kick startJoanOfArcade312/15 6:06PM