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If I already own FFXIII on PS3, should I bother getting it for PC?ZiggiStardust49/21 9:43AM
I know it's been said before but xbox one users turnoff your kinect for gamechatpotpot8549/21 9:42AM
Just like Revolver Jesus, I'm glad the fall is almost here.party_animal0729/21 9:39AM
potd, i am going to a super fancy dinner party tonight
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SchmensWife219/21 9:09AM
Let's settle this: what's the best script for FF Tactics? (Poll)
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Raganork10409/21 9:07AM
Well 22 hours later I buy FFXIV.Judgmenl29/21 9:07AM
T_T I missed out on getting tickets for the Bad Religion concertS_Fox49/21 8:42AM
Who's your PotD best friend?
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Mr_melodramatic129/21 8:35AM
So do I have to play Final Fantasy 13? <_<
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papercup499/21 8:32AM
I find it so weird when single guys complain that marriage cuts your $$$ in half
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brisashi139/21 8:25AM
has your crack ever been so sweaty that
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Lootman129/21 8:24AM
I hate it when downloaders don't use all of your down speed...Judgmenl39/21 8:14AM
Say anything about anything but Final Fantasy XVcpthighwind59/21 7:26AM
This VR gaming fad is getting ridiculous.
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Metro2199/21 7:13AM
Megaman X Corrupted is gonna be so good!Dmess8559/21 7:10AM
Somebody just died in Walking Dead Season 3 but idk who? SPOILERS EVERYWHEREFatalAccident49/21 6:38AM
Nintendoomed topic.
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GanonsSpirit219/21 6:02AM
Best Sonic game? (Poll)
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Captain-Trips299/21 5:56AM
The FFXIV transaction -stil- hasn't gone through.Judgmenl39/21 5:51AM
Could you point me toward games with great asses?
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ec11929489/21 5:43AM