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is it bigot to not tolerate intolerance? (Poll)yourDaddie411/24 6:21PM
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Sometimes I forget Austria is still a countryfrybrain0094411/24 6:09PM
dumb and dumber to was actually pretty freaking amazing.
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Nade Duck2311/24 5:59PM
idk who you're all making topics aboutlootwoman111/24 5:55PM
Obama starting to use his Executive Power.Judgmenl211/24 5:49PM
new dbz abridged out todayJoanOfArcade211/24 5:44PM
Women in Indonesia required to take virginity test to become cops
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Erik_P2811/24 5:35PM
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This Transgender woman died and her Family changed her back to a Man!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2011/24 5:20PM
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SPACE FAN-FIC: Chapter Two Continued
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Arctic_Sunrise2911/24 4:36PM
Is higher education a right or a privilege? (Poll)
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CiIantro4711/24 4:36PM
How are you expected to sit through yourself playing ****y music while learning?daftalive08311/24 4:27PM
We can't bust heads like we used to, but we have our ways.
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Kanakiri1711/24 4:20PM
Carbs based diet is the second biggest scam after religionyourDaddie611/24 4:18PM
How good is Man of Steel? (Poll)
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chaosbowser3211/24 4:17PM
I'm really tempted to get Rosetta Stone to try and learn French.Dynalo1011/24 4:14PM
Why did Dragon Age Inquisition go down the low effort content route :(ThePostageStamp111/24 4:09PM
Yeah you got some silverware but really are you eatin tho?OmegaTomHank611/24 4:04PM