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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze feels really good to playpapercup17/31 6:02PM
play assassins creed 3 with me.helIy27/31 5:59PM
I just started watching Breaking Bad for the first time
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sin1ster377/31 5:56PM
this video actually makes me want to punch someonelootwoman37/31 5:55PM
I am about to watch the lowest rated episode of Next Generation.GanonsSpirit17/31 5:54PM
i discovered something really cool that the wii u does
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helIy187/31 5:52PM
Old, but good...Kr0w1Nc4rNa7317/31 5:45PM
I don't get why on this bag of 250g peanut m&mslootwoman77/31 5:38PM
i always think of wolverine taking out his claws when this loopslootwoman17/31 5:25PM
You choose next marvel movie team up
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blackhrt267/31 5:24PM
more eggs... DAMMIT, I NEED MOAR EGGS!Dmess8517/31 5:12PM
Sports Discussion Topic #99.5: As temporary as America's interest in soccer.
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Zeeky_Bomb2137/31 5:08PM
I'm scared of my kitchen at nightLootman17/31 5:01PM
attn: arctic
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helIy307/31 4:59PM
Gas is down to $3.19 in MNErik_P47/31 4:56PM
What if Valve did a Half Life 2 remake like MS is doing with Halo 2?Metro297/31 4:54PM
Trying to subtly show my body on facebook. Is this a good idea?Sarouss25107/31 4:51PM
I just had some shady recruitment people come into work todayOgurisama17/31 4:48PM
My summer internships ends soon...Gastroid37/31 4:40PM
oh look, another STUPID feminist video rising to the surfaceJunpeiclover107/31 4:32PM