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In this topic we name good animes that aren't based on mangas.
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chaosbowser239/29 7:03PM
Hey PotDArctheLad1359/29 6:54PM
They made a Rockman EXE Abridged...Judgmenl29/29 6:44PM
Would you avenge your pet? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link169/29 6:41PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 44 - Rooftop Run (Sonic Generations) (Poll)quigonzel99/29 6:39PM
I am Cleverbot. Ask me anything.jamieyello359/29 6:33PM
Alright, 10 minutes, a PotD Awesomenauts battle!!! (Closed)AllstarSniper3229/29 6:32PM
more eggs... DAMMIT, I NEED MOAR EGGS!
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Dmess85159/29 6:27PM
Some girl at my school decided to become a guy this yearJamaalCharles3959/29 6:27PM
Do you think I have a shot at UCLA's grad program for physics?(And NASA?)Sirkukukingz559/29 6:21PM
Giant Bear mauls a Hunter who shot it with an arrow..then they hang the Bear... (Poll)Full Throttle49/29 6:19PM
more brownies... DAMMIT, I NEED MOAR BROWNIES!Dmess8539/29 6:09PM
I've been browsing Reddit almost all day.GameGuy77779/29 6:04PM
Gotham is pretty goodLemonDestroyer49/29 6:00PM
Jontron directly referenced Game Grumps on his channel
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JoanOfArcade479/29 5:57PM
Just got a urge to play Fable: The Lost Chaptersranonos39/29 5:46PM
I went to Bojangles today @ 11:30 today, and they were out of chicken, wtf?TwyliteSprinkle39/29 5:36PM
The beginning of this One Direction song sounds like a Mega Man song.urmomishawt0449/29 5:35PM
This... Smh, Why Star Wars Fans???
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FadetooBlack149/29 5:33PM
Had some guy just call me a queer while I was walking across the street with my
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Judgmenl169/29 5:27PM