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Can someone spoil The Talos Principal for me?Lokarin105/1 6:57AM
A Mother REGRETS telling her Baltimore Rioter Son to turn himself in..See Why!!! (Poll)
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This Detroit Prosecutor said to SHOOT the Baltimore Rioters!! (Poll)
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So I watched that there avengers movie (Huge spoilers)brisashi25/1 6:43AM
I'm going to my first karaoke bar tonight!kratosdakota345/1 6:41AM
FTL is too random/luck based.
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You are given 15 billion to buy one of these movie franchises.... (Poll)
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This Is A Taco (Poll)I_Abibde15/1 5:44AM
YOU, you are my favorite poster on PotD.SkynyrdRocker95/1 5:22AM
They say people with bad handwriting have good hearts
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BNVshark123115/1 5:15AM
I take the internet too seriously.JokePoster65/1 5:06AM
I'm sick of Shadow of Mordor because I feel like I've played it before.raymanfan175/1 4:47AM
Anxiety and Depression
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chaosbowser155/1 4:13AM
i saw the superhero movie weher there freinds it was godStripedTiger45/1 2:25AM
I still haven't beaten Alien Isolation because of a glitch.raymanfan125/1 1:49AM
Just saw "Age of Ultron" (spoilers)Action5385/1 1:38AM
Just started a new file for my favorite game ever* <Spoilers>Llanthana35/1 12:39AM
Can get one more game on Golden Week PSN sale (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX155/1 12:37AM
Serif or sans serif? (Poll)GanonsSpirit45/1 12:28AM