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C/D: You take Flutershy's girl issues seriously. (Poll)
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You know how time passes in every Pokemon game?
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WhatPoll199/28 6:21PM
DBZ Abridged Episode *44Judgmenl19/28 6:01PM
which of these sounds is the most comforting? (Poll)
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Nade Duck179/28 5:58PM
Aaaand I hit Lv 30 in FFXIV and unlocked White Mage.Judgmenl79/28 5:57PM
What the hell is "Media Studies" or "Women Studies"?
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Judgmenl169/28 5:44PM
Hey, guysASlaveObeys19/28 5:42PM
Finally.. the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season premiere is on... it's been too longquigonzel19/28 5:32PM
21 y/o Canadian ISIS soldier emerges and threatens to attack America!!... (Poll)Full Throttle69/28 5:23PM
Why does Tales of Xillia 2 have such low ratings?chaosbowser79/28 5:18PM
black is so sexually attractive
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Lootman149/28 5:14PM
I love Olsen twins' feet.Yuffie36049/28 5:07PM
I need Gamecube and Wii game recommendations
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VioletZer0169/28 5:00PM
Only a 607WhatPoll59/28 4:57PM
I'm fairly positive that Conservative Highschoolers were brainwashed by parents.
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KroganBaIIEater469/28 4:56PM
So... Firefly Online?Lokarin19/28 4:56PM
Feminist Mother screams at a Teacher for not letting her serve (V-Word) Cookies! (Poll)
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Full Throttle229/28 4:52PM
Resistance 3/the Insomniac engine makes some rather unique use of the HDD.raymanfan119/28 4:51PM
wtf tinychatters.DaltonM39/28 4:44PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 16: Military Base Vs. Tower Of Babel (Poll)Ugly Joe29/28 4:42PM