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Do you plan to buy an Apple Watch?
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cdark249/12 6:15PM
I found duckbear on the Big Brother imdb message boards lol
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Captain-Trips139/12 6:15PM
I'm back. Post in thread how glad or mad you are to see me back!
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A_Loyal_Gamer439/12 6:13PM
Welp back to no game to play weekend.
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Judgmenl119/12 6:13PM
Bigger disaster in our lifetime - 9/11 or Pearl Harbor?
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Walter_H_White279/12 6:13PM
in reparations of my turkey breast topic, here are some fish.helIy39/12 6:06PM
are you being treated fairly at work? (Poll)
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miczz139/12 5:54PM
DmC same gameplay as DmC, but in style of DMC 3.DaltonM89/12 5:49PM
Grr invite-only sites.
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Milleyd279/12 5:37PM
Which diet do you follow? (Poll)
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yourDaddie319/12 5:32PM
WHAAAT?! There's a SSB3DS demo.DirtBasedSoap69/12 5:17PM
A hot lady friend gave me one of her SSB3DS demo codes. =Dpapercup39/12 5:14PM
So now I have PAL (perhaps NZ only) demo codes for SSB4 (3DS)DeltaBladeX49/12 5:13PM
If our Marksman goes top who should go bot?yourDaddie89/12 4:59PM
rate this song/10DirtBasedSoap29/12 4:56PM
how terrible is it to play an FPS with a PS4 controller?
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Nade Duck319/12 4:23PM
i am baking a turkey breast.
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helIy179/12 4:17PM
I am so relaxed nowAwesomeTurtwig19/12 3:52PM
great. i just watched the UPS guy chuck my package at my door.
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helIy119/12 3:50PM
best stefan ominverse? (Poll)Nade Duck39/12 3:46PM