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What's your blood type? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn4710/24 9:14AM
I'm on a plane. Salt Lake City, here I come.
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SunWuKung4202810/24 9:12AM
You see a dude in public wearing a fedora. (Poll)
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Xade763410/24 9:07AM
Man Kind will probably head the asteroid belt first rather than Mars
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St_Kevin1110/24 9:07AM
dontcha hate charging bosses in video games?NightMareBunny1010/24 9:06AM
Should hunting be made more fair? (Poll)yourDaddie410/24 9:05AM
What is a good, easy subject for an informative speech?Krow_Incarnate810/24 9:02AM
How well can you hold a straight face? (Poll)DrPrimemaster610/24 8:58AM
"I've given you more than 30 days to vacate the premises."danger_brandon910/24 8:47AM
Today's poll about gaming time on weekends.VictoriqueFlake310/24 8:24AM
Father threatens to kick his son out for deleting his Angry Birds app.Far-Queue1010/24 8:15AM
I fear for the future of sexy women in gaming.
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VioletZer05610/24 8:07AM
my asian friend laughed at me when i told him i like just rice and soy sauce...
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ZiggiStardust2610/24 7:59AM
Woke up with a migraine today -__-rexcrk410/24 7:33AM
Do you believe in magicJudgmenl710/24 7:11AM
If no one can control the Hulk, when even have him on the Avengers?
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Captain-Trips1410/24 7:10AM
It looks like GameStop is doing a Shiny Gengar event if you head in.
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Melon_Master5110/24 7:10AM
Fantasy Question. What QB do I start??Buddha1187810/24 5:07AM
We have baby alpacas.
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Bugmeat1310/24 5:05AM
How in this age of labelling and allergy information, can there still be mysteryNichtcrawler X410/24 5:03AM