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why does food taste 10x better when you swallow it?jbleezyjj101/26 9:33AM
Well, f***.kratosdakota311/26 9:32AM
f*** smash bros, the best wii u game of holiday 2014 was captain toad.
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ZiggiStardust191/26 9:32AM
I want to do a Zelda Poll. (Poll)knightoffire5551/26 9:32AM
when will the middle east get their s*** together?Muscles_42071/26 9:31AM
Man walks inside an empty shut down Jamestown Mall in Missouri growing Mold!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle141/26 9:31AM
Well f*** you Warner Bros. you beat me...
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darthcid261/26 9:30AM
You'll never get my blessing till the day you die. (Poll)knightoffire5551/26 9:30AM
Man, watching the Robbo vs Banksy documentary makes me interested in graffitiJoshsonic2631/26 9:30AM
Today's front page poll is missing a very important option that aliens many.
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PolishCockatiel141/26 9:27AM
At first I didn't really like the new Dragon Age but I changed my mindMilleyd11/26 9:26AM
i haven't been on my computer in weeks.helIy11/26 9:25AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 338 Donkey (Poll)scubasteve4281/26 9:23AM
Rate this Villain Day 336 Prince Charming (Poll)scubasteve4271/26 9:23AM
alright so im going to arizona next week
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argonautweekynd361/26 9:22AM
Don't let em tell you the future is electricDirtBasedSoap21/26 9:21AM
Georgia, April 3rd 2014, I saw a redneck force feeding their baby ice cream.
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Storrac111/26 9:18AM
ITT: Random humorous* images
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keyblader19852571/26 9:13AM
How often do you use SpeedTest!Ryan-0671/26 9:13AM
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG and Related nonsense Discussion Topic XLIII
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zpoopinthe3rd871/26 9:11AM