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I'm in a bad mood. Post ideas for video games you want to see made.DelectableTears91/30 1:52PM
Anyone who watched A Goofy Movie on VHS enough times as a kid will remember thisnewsuperdude21/30 1:52PM
CRINGEFEST: katy perry at the super bowl press conference
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ZiggiStardust201/30 1:52PM
What was the deal with Super Mario All Stars+ sm world?argonautweekynd81/30 1:50PM
My friend tattooed this woman's rear upper legs. (Poll)SunWuKung42011/30 1:50PM
I was thinking of getting Transistor and Rogue Legacy for my PS4.Dynalo31/30 1:49PM
I will pay someone 50 bucks to find me a decent gaming desktop. No welching.
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quigonzel311/30 1:43PM
some redneck lady interrupts a muslim speaker on muslim day in texas
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ZiggiStardust131/30 1:42PM
I just got Hyrule Warriorspapercup71/30 1:37PM
Buddy, you're a boy, make a big noiseDeltaBladeX11/30 1:36PM
What are your Top 5 games?
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Raganork10281/30 1:35PM
Damn, been playing video games since 4, 22 now.RJP_X101/30 1:35PM
I am so tired of breeders.
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VioletZer01261/30 1:35PM
MERICA!, Pandora or Steelport? (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX111/30 1:34PM
Scariest Clown (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link51/30 1:34PM
I made banana bread todayTerrorBice101/30 1:33PM
Hi guys I'm new here.
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knivesX2004151/30 1:31PM
So does anyone use the "cheaper" Verizon internet?N80531/30 1:31PM
what are YOU playing this weekend?
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ZiggiStardust241/30 1:27PM
Best gamefaqs board (Poll)Ogurisama51/30 1:27PM