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Is this the real life?Ogurisama312/17 6:11PM
C/D Maintain Cuban embargo (Poll)aznStaRBoY612/17 6:11PM
I like this buildingQc_Stryder (M)612/17 6:11PM
I'll be honest, I really struggle to get along with autistic people.
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Arctic_Sunrise2012/17 6:10PM
how can cheez it's taste stale right out of the box?!NightMareBunny112/17 6:10PM
Does anyone else feel luxury guilt? (or whatever it's called)Lokarin412/17 6:10PM
Wow, 10 minute penalty for leaving an unplayable Smash match due to lag?quigonzel712/17 6:10PM
Would you consider this chick to be 'FAT'? (Poll)
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pionear1712/17 6:08PM
Wait a min. I thought USA always says 'we don't negotiate with terrorists'!BushidoEffect3812/17 6:08PM
>People who still use Windows XP
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Metro22912/17 6:07PM
Just beat Metal Gear Solid 3.
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Storrac1612/17 6:05PM
The hackers won: The Interview pulled from America's biggest theater chains
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Metro23612/17 6:05PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 35: Against Thee Wickedly Vs. Deimos Lab (Poll)Ugly Joe212/17 6:03PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master17112/17 6:03PM
Why does everyone act like Pope Francis is such a good guy?
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Did you ever believe any of these as a kid?
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ThePollGuy541312/17 6:01PM
what do think of this captain falcon helmetSHADOW0106312/17 6:00PM
Sony really cancelled 'The Interview'?Muscles_4201012/17 5:59PM
South Dakota yanks "don't jerk and drive" ad campaign...
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Captain-Trips1212/17 5:59PM
What Is Wrong With Me!?
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aDirtyShisno1912/17 5:57PM