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So what is with the underpants on classical superhero costumesBlighboy54/27 8:50PM
I'm running out of f***s to give at school guysAwesomeTurtwig14/27 8:50PM
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Ma bro and I had a strange moment playing Dragon Quest 3Lokarin34/27 8:41PM
Now that Valve pulled paid mods due to popular demand, is Valve still evil?
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VioletZer0284/27 8:38PM
If you are what you eat...TheZoranTunic14/27 7:56PM
lol i need 5 characters to post this message, isn't that just really stupid guyshelIy14/27 7:54PM
Something I don't understand about Super Saiyan 4 Dragon Ball Z and GT Spoilers
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MonsterZed204/27 7:53PM
Last time, on Dragon Ball Z... (Three word story)
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BlazeAndBlade2114/27 7:51PM
These would make me take regular showersDeltaBladeX24/27 7:48PM
So how do you feel about this whole 'Global Warming' thing?
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KainReaver109114/27 7:46PM
Woman nearly kills her BF with a LASER!!!HenryKissiger34/27 7:44PM
Do artists seek "truth", or do they seek something else?
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tissue_paper184/27 7:43PM
Come on and SLAM, if you want to JAM!Death_Of_Effie54/27 7:40PM
man, why do i feel so weak whenever i see a very attractive asian womanlolamericans34/27 7:39PM
Oh man, that fight last night was so incredibly satisfying. Henderson vs. Thatch
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Troll_Police_284/27 7:39PM
My roomy is quite sick and intolerant of my LP voice, therefor PICTURES
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Lokarin614/27 7:35PM
Moving old hard drives to new computer.That_70s_show74/27 7:30PM
You lose ten dollars every time you eat meat, but gain five for every veggie.
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EclairReturns384/27 7:15PM