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So I read Elliot Rogers manifesto today
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Julia_Jules177/20 10:01PM
Why is the electron bacteria topic closed?
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GanonsSpirit217/20 9:58PM
I mildly enjoyed Terreria, but Edge of Space looks like a blast!meatbal250137/20 9:34PM
Rate this Cartoon /10 - Day 490 - Dexter's Laboratory (Poll)Slayer786167/20 9:28PM
The Malaysia plane confirmed to be hit by missile. US won't say who fired it...
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BushidoEffect3577/20 9:23PM
The Sarge is still a private?Boogieonover17/20 9:18PM
With the Eastern equine virus in US now, are you scared of mosquitoes now?Ryan-0627/20 9:12PM
Would you buy a new Pokemon Snap game on Wii U? (Poll)
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Miroku_of_Nite1157/20 9:11PM
The deadly Triple E Virus has arrived.LordBalor467/20 9:01PM
Smoke coming out of my sink?LordClyde87/20 8:51PM
The next time you pick your nose, you accidentally press a button in itWhatPoll67/20 8:46PM
Widow wins $23 billion in cigarette lawsuit.LordBalor447/20 8:40PM
What exactly "ironic" means?Lobomoon77/20 8:37PM
Damn, I love instrumental metal. (Suggestions topic)
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Far-Queue137/20 8:32PM
ATTN: TurtwigLordBalor447/20 8:31PM
How are you doing?Julia_Jules67/20 8:29PM
I get the full version of Amazon Prime Student tomorrow!bluPython47/20 8:24PM
So I think we can agree that Batman: Arkham Asylum is a near-perfect game...
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Arctic_Sunrise157/20 8:17PM
Political Correctness vs Free Thought
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iovandrake427/20 7:53PM
Want To Meet Me?
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aDirtyShisno197/20 7:52PM