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shovel knight on psn in mere hours!!!ZiggiStardust54/23 1:29PM
OMG if fast food was like this it would be a nightmare.Ferarri61994/23 1:07PM
this is exactly how i feel about anime fans and many people on this board (nade)
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ZiggiStardust264/23 1:01PM
I go to work at 4 AM so I can leave by 2 pm
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ASlaveObeys124/23 12:56PM
Do I have a shot at UCLA or UC: Berkeley for a PhD in physics?
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Sirkukukingz5124/23 12:55PM
Saw The Mask for the first time just now.
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raymanfan1334/23 12:52PM
25 things women say that men missunderstand-Komaiko54M54/23 12:42PM
Should I buy her the game? (Poll)
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DarknessLink7174/23 12:27PM
trying to remember a live action Nickelodeon show
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JoanOfArcade134/23 12:18PM
I just moved from the shop to the office at work, what are some good things to..Action53104/23 12:08PM
There needs to be a way to get an objective rating on your attractiveness
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BNVshark123164/23 12:08PM
Are you going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron? (Poll)
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LeetCheet204/23 12:07PM
About the Mass Effect series (PS3)
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kratosdakota3284/23 11:55AM
Death battle day 16: S.T.A.G.(SR3) vs EDF(Red Faction) (Poll)jedirood44/23 11:44AM
someone has a different opinion than me
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CaioNV354/23 11:40AM
Who is the greatest Videogame character? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link84/23 11:36AM
Do your feet stink?
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The_Sexorcist114/23 11:26AM
Will this gen be the gen of the RPG?Metal_Gear_Link104/23 11:16AM
Are there any Canadian Street Fighters?Lokarin14/23 11:16AM
So how do you primarily self-identify yourself? (Poll)
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pionear334/23 11:16AM