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What do you call a pirate horse?WadaTah44/20 8:58AM
What would you like to see in Fallout 4
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BlazeAndBlade214/20 8:56AM
I don't understand people who don't tip at restaurants
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JokePoster554/20 8:37AM
god I hate it when you can't go to sleepyem6942054/20 8:35AM
Didn't knew Fire Emblem was so under the radar...
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Exorian314/20 8:32AM
"Harrison Ford looks like someone's grand dad now" Seriously?
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GrimCyclone284/20 8:28AM
We did it PotD! We did it!St_Kevin34/20 8:24AM
Japanese TV is like Japan has beaten television long agoVicaris104/20 8:22AM
How are you still in the gene pool?jamieyello364/20 8:08AM
Say what you want about feminists, but MRAs will always be crazier.
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Storrac344/20 8:00AM
What game companies do you believe have the absolute HIGHEST production values?
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shipwreckers504/20 7:42AM
YESSSSSSS! We're reading my favorite satire in my Brit Lit class next weekBNVshark12314/20 7:38AM
Literally 0 good games to play right now
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JanwayDaahl834/20 7:25AM
I don't understand the qualifications for PresidencyTheWorstPoster94/20 7:20AM
Stealth lovers rejoice: You can ghost the entirety of Deus Ex 5. Bosses too!Ryan-0674/20 7:16AM
"If X becomes President, I'm moving to Canada!"
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Metro2144/20 7:07AM
Oh my god, I was wrong. It was earth, all along.Chef_Excellence24/20 7:07AM
Is "Degenerate" a banned word on GameFAQs?
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Spectrum57184/20 6:55AM
This is the worst day, high school dropouts and soon-to-be dropouts everywherethebestestbest14/20 6:36AM
This 31 y/o Veterinarian Girl Killed a CAT with an Arrow and BRAGGED about it!!. (Poll)Full Throttle94/20 6:27AM