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PotD is giving me diabetesSt_Kevin28/19 2:16PM
I just watched Taxi Driver and WOW this movie is brilliant 10/10FellWolf78/19 2:12PM
The hot water is back on! I desperately need a showerLokarin18/19 2:04PM
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bowtie vs necktie (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link68/19 1:51PM
How would you react to yourself? That is, if you met someone like you?
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UnbiasTobias208/19 1:50PM
Guess what's in this thing I madeBNVshark12378/19 1:49PM
Tales of Xillia 2 actually looks pretty goodRaganork1028/19 1:44PM
Would you rather be a Weaboo or a Dudebro? (Poll)
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yourDaddie378/19 1:41PM
What would make you feel special and loved by your significant other?
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Doctor Foxx458/19 1:40PM
Is it possible to use my laptop as a monitor for my PS4?MasterSword54658/19 1:39PM
Welp, Keurigs are awful.VenomX1868/19 1:35PM
So 2000 years ago today, Augustus Caesar diedWhatPoll28/19 1:34PM
Who is Zoe Quinn?ZiggiStardust78/19 1:29PM
Would you donate to this?TacoOfTheOpera18/19 1:27PM
being a gamer and living in a rural area is weird.....
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NightMareBunny188/19 1:24PM
huh. this is the 2nd time has sent me a new game over the used onehelIy18/19 1:22PM
PSA: The Mega Heracross/Mega Pinsir event is now live in North America.T0ffee98/19 1:13PM