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ATTN: TerrisUS...
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DirtBasedSoap129/22 12:05PM
So, is the Logical Increments site any good?Kanakiri49/22 12:04PM
this song has been stuck in my head all weekendDirtBasedSoap79/22 12:03PM
You like the Spanish language (Poll)
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She told me my abs were rock-hardThunder_54109/22 12:03PM
Woman gets surgery for third boob... Potd's thoughts?
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peach is cuter in her boomerang bros outfit than the kitty outfit.Nade Duck19/22 12:02PM
Monday morning starts better with the fire departmentDoctor Foxx49/22 12:01PM
Is abortion more normal and natural than birth?Yuffie36079/22 12:01PM
How would modern sports safety equipment compare to rpg leather armour?Lokarin19/22 12:00PM
New Computer timeJudgmenl59/22 11:58AM
ITT games that are clones of others Borderands/Destiny Smash/Playstation ASBRJoanOfArcade89/22 11:55AM
my ex is a terrible person that only talks to me to hurt me
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LemonDestroyer229/22 11:54AM
i feel like Destiny is exact opposite of Deadly Premonitions.
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ernieforss119/22 11:51AM
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Is the "back in my day" sentiment setting in for you?
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What ruins a meal at a restaurant more? (Poll)
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kanye west might be the worlds biggest ***hole but he can rapargonautweekynd29/22 11:40AM
list of all games coming out Oct - Dec, which ones are you getting?
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Ao_Ryuu54669/22 11:35AM