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Yesterday, I played Strip Magic the Gathering, then earned my red wings, AMA
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lihlih2212/25 1:51PM
Watching The Interview.ShinRaKnight112/25 1:50PM
I now own The Wonderful 101.GanonsSpirit412/25 1:50PM
Are you feeling the christmas spirit? Because im not.Blazakenki112/25 1:49PM
Do you support gay-marriage? (Poll)McSame_as_Bush312/25 1:48PM
Post your Christmas loot
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DirtBasedSoap3012/25 1:48PM
My girlfriend gave me a Xmas footjob.
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SephirothXV1112/25 1:48PM
If Russia or China made a movie about killing Obama would we not be outraged?
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Chef_Excellence1112/25 1:47PM
I would tear up that AT&T girl from the commercials.justaseabass812/25 1:46PM
recomend me good not very famous RPGs or adventure gameskratospwnsnoobz612/25 1:44PM
What was the Biggest Tragedy of 2014?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2112/25 1:44PM
Do you have a White Christmas this year?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2312/25 1:42PM
That Doctor Who ending (Christmas Episode Spoilers)Judgmenl212/25 1:39PM
What is your all-time favorite PotD poll question?McSame_as_Bush212/25 1:39PM
Is xbox live messed up or is it just my internet?JoanOfArcade1012/25 1:39PM
Facebook is messing up, PSN and Xbox Live are having issues...Chef_Excellence312/25 1:39PM
Should the Washington Redskins change their incredibly offensive racist name? (Poll)
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McSame_as_Bush1112/25 1:39PM
The First Transgendered Mannequin?
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pionear1312/25 1:37PM
If "The Interview" keeps it up on IMDB
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TreGooda2312/25 1:32PM
*Buys FFVII on Steam*
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Judgmenl1112/25 1:30PM