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The Brady Bunch Movie pisses me offBNVshark12323/4 7:41AM
Why do fat women want to force people to consider them attractive?yourDaddie23/4 7:40AM
Do politicians too often get blamed/credit for actions done before their time?InfestedAdam53/4 7:40AM
Things you would miss if you were on the Mars One mission
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Dazed2684413/4 7:40AM
What's the best color for women's underwear? (Poll)
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Anyone else going to Frolicon in April?Kongatthegaties63/4 7:37AM
I don't see any scenario where finite resources doesn't end our civilization
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Chef_Excellence233/4 7:37AM
This is the wierdest gif you'll ever see
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You are now God, no strings attached, what do you do?
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VioletZer0513/4 7:32AM
aaaand my leg crapped out on me again. back on the cane for however long.kmerchandise13/4 7:30AM
March PS Plus games announced (finally). Great selection!
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Far-Queue193/4 7:29AM
Astronomers find black hole 12 BILLION times bigger than the sun
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Metro2633/4 7:29AM
Have you seen The Last Man on Earth?
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This 15 y/o Girl was told she was Fat by her Friends..Then she Died of a.... (Poll)
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Which Hotel Brand do you love? (Or familiar with)?? (Poll)
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C/D: Curly hair on guys looks dumb.
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Chef_Excellence143/4 7:21AM
Which character looks more powerful? Day 11: Anime Jace vs. Anime Chandra (Poll)lihlih53/4 7:21AM
I took that girl out bowling. Hahaha I f***ing kicked her assSirkukukingz553/4 7:21AM
Nvidia shows their new shield deviceDaltonM23/4 7:19AM
What a lame daySpeeDLeemon83/4 7:17AM