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Anime,Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic XLVI
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TIL killer whales are jerks and I hate them
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brisashi124/27 6:40PM
Geez, I can't believe I cared about people in high school back thenBNVshark12334/27 6:37PM
Gaming is dying vs gamers becoming more entitled (Poll)
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So I asked my coworker if she had a man yet
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So I'm playing 'Brothers...'AtledAotearoa104/27 6:29PM
I am posting a topic on PotDTheWorstPoster24/27 6:27PM
I think my friend just killed himself
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I turned the TV onErik_P64/27 6:26PM
I went outsideErik_P34/27 6:18PM
Have you ever seen a person die? (Poll)
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brisashi184/27 6:11PM
Sweet, finally found a cheap copy of Kid Icarus Uprising (PAL UK deal)DeltaBladeX84/27 6:11PM
BloodBorne is great but...chaosbowser84/27 6:04PM
So, I accidentally scored the PSN ID of the prettiest girl in my C# class
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~!*mariofanaticXV remembrance topic*!~
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People actually got depressed after watching James Cameron's Avatar?
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I take the internet too seriously.JokePoster34/27 5:54PM
This Texas Teacher FAILED his entire 30-person class! Look at what he Said!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle84/27 5:53PM
Hottest Spin Fighter Day 24: Gold Mascot /Zack / Crush / Mastodon Coin (Poll)Ugly Joe24/27 5:52PM
I just lost a toothTheWorstPoster44/27 5:48PM