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ATTN everone who thinks I bang my sister. (Closed)
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Ao_Ryuu54148/22 7:32PM
I'm frustrated again.Judgmenl88/22 7:07PM
Started playing Dark Souls. It's pretty fun.
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FellWolf178/22 7:06PM
C/D Opinions can be wrong (Poll)
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Q_Sensei178/22 7:05PM
Putin shot the black kids in Missouri so we don't talk about his warfareTroutPaste28/22 7:03PM
DBZ KFC commercialOgurisama38/22 6:59PM
I'm watching two fish play street fighter and it's ****ing awesomemildare_el_rayo88/22 6:58PM
Why has another bank been added to my paypal account?quigonzel38/22 6:58PM
Ran Back Into Her! Again! In My Lobby! Again!
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aDirtyShisno388/22 6:52PM
If given the opportunity, would you start a career in the video game industry? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn508/22 6:52PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC part 31 90's Hits (Poll)AllstarSniper3218/22 6:29PM
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Would you buy a Oculus Rift if it came with a VR Resident Evil 1?PowerOats28/22 6:27PM
Rate this cartoon | Day 518 | Goof Troop (Poll)Slayer786158/22 6:26PM
Six Feet Under is the best show for getting over DepressionCaptain-Trips38/22 6:23PM
A Duran Duran 3-pack came out today (Poll)AllstarSniper3278/22 6:21PM
Mars Curiosity rover. Then vs now.r7gerrabbit28/22 6:14PM
My cat is 1/8 my size. He's a monster
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Doctor Foxx738/22 6:11PM
Has someone taken the usernameblackhrt28/22 6:07PM
Playing some Dota2 Ability DraftJudgmenl18/22 5:53PM