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my friend thinks i have a crush on princess peach and says it's kinda weird
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Nade Duck2112/20 10:55PM
My girlfriend's parents found out we had sex.
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Flutershy9912/20 10:54PM
Do you think people who Don't wear Jeans are Weird since 95% of Men do?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2612/20 10:54PM
PotD Christmas Steam Gifting Event 2014 - Now with GoogleDocs
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DeltaBladeX6712/20 10:53PM
C/D Your grandparents are still alive now (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY2512/20 10:53PM
HBO Year ender is here! New shots from Game of Thrones....Captain-Trips112/20 10:52PM
Your 2014 Game of the Year topic (now with less polls!)raymanfan11012/20 10:48PM
Horrible bosses 2 was really funnyDazed2684212/20 10:43PM
So I bought a Captain Underpants bookJoanOfArcade112/20 10:43PM
Put that cookie down! NOW!SkaFrost89312/20 10:41PM
The better "How many of your grandparents are alive?" poll. (Poll)
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SunWuKung4201712/20 10:40PM
Best Christmas Carol movie? (Poll)Justin2Krelian812/20 10:40PM
IYO, who has the most iconic laugh in gaming?
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Chaos_Echo1312/20 10:39PM
Prototype commits a grave error when making a first impression.
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raymanfan12512/20 10:36PM
ughhhh, Persona 3 Portable is so freakin' longBotnus912512/20 10:31PM
i just got a cowon m2 mp3 player and good lord the interface sucksargonautweekynd112/20 10:30PM
Chimpanzees break free from a lab a midst a global pandemic and it's up to aaHappySacka912/20 10:28PM
I'm getting old, I found something too sweet for me :(shadowsword87312/20 10:26PM
Apparently Halo ODST is going to be added to the Halo MCC collection.Xfma100812/20 10:20PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 36: And Hell Followed Vs. Sever The Wicked (Poll)Ugly Joe212/20 10:17PM