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For those that played it, how's Mario Party 10?bandeku63/31 6:14PM
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C/D: The Order 1886 should've been listed in today's poll... (Poll)
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pionear133/31 5:59PM
Damn, that Halo 5 Trailer looked really interesting.MechaKirby43/31 5:56PM
I just started watching...
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AllstarSniper32573/31 5:53PM
Which SquareEnix title would you buy if it was on Steam? (Poll)Q_Sensei83/31 5:53PM
You guys, I never really did meet VioletZer0
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JokePoster193/31 5:50PM
I'm pretty sure at this point the LotV beta being released today is April Fools.DarkKirby250013/31 5:27PM
My New 3DS arrived.
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lorekai113/31 5:10PM
What's the spiritual successor to the SaGa franchise?Lokarin93/31 5:02PM
One Direction = Wand ErectionLokarin43/31 5:00PM
More music like Grimes plz. Also, like Beats AntiqueWadaTah43/31 4:59PM
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PotD: Code Name STEAM is the best game of 2015krakensoup63/31 4:36PM
The rain in the Astral PlaneMiroku_of_Nite113/31 4:32PM
Always see teens around wearing such nice clothing...
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Milleyd1073/31 4:27PM
Post ITT and I'll tell you if I don't think you're a s***poster.
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Ashphantom653/31 4:21PM
If the poll of the day had an "other" option, what would your pick be?kos1213/31 4:17PM