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Alabama Teen is attacked over this Selfie she took in Germany!! Is it Offensive? (Poll)
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Full Throttle307/22 9:20PM
a jrpg on the Steam, rejoice
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dragon504117/22 9:16PM
Goddamn it. Today's poll is centered on PC vs. Console elitism.WastelandCowboy57/22 9:14PM
is there anyone competent enough to play Portal 2 co-op with me?!helIy67/22 9:12PM
Consoles are at the top of the PotD because they're better than PCs.wightSea27/22 9:11PM
Sign here if you're Asian. (non-Asians also welcome, but not encouraged to sign)
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T-dus287/22 9:11PM
Cornish Acid's Smash Bros. of Evil: Hype Edition
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Kanakiri3847/22 9:09PM
My neighbors still haven't let up on the fireworks.wightSea17/22 9:09PM
"Top 10 Rhythm Games Released in the 90s"Storrac17/22 9:06PM
Typo in today's poll of the dayMasterSword54617/22 9:04PM
How is Fire Emblem: Awakening compared to the Final Fantasy Tactics series?MechaKirby87/22 9:04PM
You guys should 100% Super Mario 64
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OmegaTomHank277/22 9:01PM
Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXVII
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keyblader19852527/22 8:58PM
You know what I hate about music books?bluPython47/22 8:57PM
HAHAHA Schmen got suspended?bachewychomp37/22 8:57PM
Woohoo, the Destiny XBox One Beta starts today!
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Melon_Master287/22 8:55PM
best water pokemon in Gen VI?LemonDestroyer87/22 8:52PM
Who's The Biggest MJ............ (Poll)FadetooBlack67/22 8:48PM
Why do people have to include themselves in every picture they take now?Chef_Excellence57/22 8:43PM
Khan Academy has really expanded in the past two years.bluPython17/22 8:42PM