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What would you think of older teenagers dating people 4-3 years younger?
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jamieyello3118/29 5:43PM
I beat Tales of Symphonia (PS3 version) on Mania modeEntity1358/29 5:42PM
The PS Vita to finally sell. In Europe.WhatPoll18/29 5:42PM
For those with Wii U, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is $15.99 right now.quigonzel58/29 5:40PM
I'm getting fed up with my underwear options.keyblader198558/29 5:38PM
100 turn game of PotDer Civilization V
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AwesomeTurtwig148/29 5:38PM
This Girl ran after a Dog that got on the train tracks..but it ran over them :/ (Poll)Full Throttle68/29 5:38PM
Our next big game we all play should be Adventures of Van helsingTwyliteSprinkle18/29 5:38PM
I make $691.88 a week after taxes.
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Judgmenl418/29 5:36PM
So why is Super Metroid so good, again?
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GanonsSpirit118/29 5:30PM
Taco bell is launching an upscale version to compete with chipotlebrisashi98/29 5:29PM
These cinnamon bun potato chips...Kanakiri58/29 5:28PM
I still have games to giveawayDeltaBladeX38/29 5:27PM
Did I get called cuteness?
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Flutershy648/29 5:27PM
Are you stoke for the new New 3DS?
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Ao_Ryuu54248/29 5:25PM
Someone is having trouble with Dragon Quest 1?Lokarin18/29 5:24PM
videogames that everyone in potd likes
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miczz158/29 5:23PM
Would you live in this country? (Poll)WhatPoll18/29 5:23PM
Does Gamestop jack up prices now?GanonsSpirit58/29 5:21PM
This is the 20 y/o Kid who was kicked out by his Christian Parents for being Gay (Poll)Full Throttle88/29 5:17PM