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These People claim what they're wearing isn't RACIST...What do you think??. (Poll)
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Full Throttle114/1 11:46AM
How do I get money for nothing and chicks for free?
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Lokarin184/1 11:42AM
oh my gawd BEST movie audience EVER! (EXTREMELY LONG TEXT)
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Komaiko54334/1 11:39AM
This 7 y/o Girl was told she was FAT!! Is she? (Poll)
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Full Throttle304/1 11:39AM
I've decided to close all of my accounts and leave this place.DumbGimmickName24/1 11:33AM
holy s*** there's a new board jameshelIy44/1 11:33AM
My roommate's dog keeps humping my arm
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StripedTiger144/1 11:27AM
Galaxy Note 4 on it's way to my pocket.DaltonM24/1 11:27AM
It's so weird Dominos has an online trackerJoanOfArcade34/1 11:26AM
You have have 3D and 1D enabled at the same timeLokarin14/1 11:21AM
what if gamestop gives you a bag of poop if you tried to buy a game today
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NightMareBunny144/1 11:20AM
Had my first Four Loko today.
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IceDragon77134/1 11:17AM
What ever happened to the April Fools Poll of the day being a hoax?dEmoLiTiOnSqUiD54/1 11:10AM
learned how to tune a guitar todayargonautweekynd14/1 11:05AM
Favorite Gamefaqs poster (Poll)
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NightMareBunny134/1 10:56AM
I'm gay.WindMouseHanpan74/1 10:54AM
chipsmadadude94/1 10:46AM
Do you think men get paid more than women for similar jobs? (Poll)
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brisashi264/1 10:42AM
I've decided I want to go sky diving
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Erik_P234/1 10:39AM
Need help identifying a moiveHenryKissiger64/1 10:27AM