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I love me some dark skinned anime girls.
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keyblader19851510/20 9:47PM
Streaming Mario 64! Going for no deaths!Gamechamp3k210/20 9:47PM
sometimes i really get the urge to listen to lots of emo musicargonautweekynd510/20 9:47PM
U.S Teacher uses "Wheel Of Punishment" that has students crying!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1210/20 9:46PM
Equality for Women vs. Gay Rights (Poll)Q_Sensei610/20 9:46PM
do you like cold candy? (Poll)sonicbn410/20 9:46PM
Thinking about getting a cell phone for the first time...TaKun782210/20 9:45PM
So for my first play of Don't Starve.AllstarSniper32110/20 9:43PM
Do game designers ever have to use calculus?
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Xade761610/20 9:42PM
what do you do when nobody likes you?
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Ireland_FTW1810/20 9:41PM
My Marriage Equality Analogy.
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Lobomoon3810/20 9:40PM
Which search engine do you use for porn? (Poll)
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thedeerzord2710/20 9:40PM
PotD, help! I updated to windows 8.1, and now every game looks like this:That_70s_show510/20 9:40PM
I hate wisdom teeth.CornishGhost910/20 9:39PM
Guy gets knocked out for slapping a guy with a pizza (Poll)
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EggsBenedikt3110/20 9:39PM
That is a way to get people to buy a physical copy of your albumargonautweekynd610/20 9:37PM
Gassy/fiery smell.Mr_melodramatic410/20 9:36PM
This is what happenes when you piss off Gabe NewellAwesomeTurtwig610/20 9:33PM
Have you ever written an essay several days before it is due? (Poll)
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davf1351210/20 9:33PM
How come dogs can poop in the street but I can't?
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lnteger2410/20 9:33PM