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Now I ACTUALLY have my new graphics card and it works! :DGamechamp3k15/19 7:01PM
One of my favorite parts of iPads and kindles are that I can cocoon myself inArtistScientist45/19 7:01PM
Hillary Clinton (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY405/19 7:00PM
So, apparently I blew the minds of several of my coworkers today. (Closed)
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WastelandCowboy205/19 6:37PM
Never played a fitness game but used it in my routineMacrossSpecial65/19 6:22PM
I bought GTAV on a whim on steamMNTwins199145/19 6:19PM
The whole Gay Agenda thing.
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GrimCyclone295/19 6:17PM
C/D George W. Bush (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY205/19 6:16PM
MGSV: Ground Zeros is on sale for $10 (with Xbox Live Gold). Is it worth buying?HeroofDark95/19 6:05PM
Texan hunter wins $350k bid to hunt black rhino and subsequently kills it.WastelandCowboy35/19 6:05PM
Boneless wings are just big chicken nuggets.
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kangolcone875/19 6:03PM
Which noble nine loss was the most surprising? (Poll)TooTooP275/19 5:56PM
Charging for things is anti-consumer...Solid Sonic65/19 5:50PM
I am returned.The_Viscount35/19 5:48PM
If you do streak, streak with a boner.Zangulus85/19 5:47PM
Life is Strange Part 3 is out....AllstarSniper3275/19 5:38PM
Turn-based or real-time RPGs? (Poll)
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Raganork10525/19 5:37PM
Man.... why are white women so beautiful?
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KainReaver109305/19 5:34PM
Christ how tiny are Europeans?
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Yopster135/19 5:23PM
1812 OvertureSt_Kevin45/19 5:18PM