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will Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Be Better Then Pokemon X/Y? (Poll)
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Best job I ever hadTIE543110/20 9:31AM
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Why do they call it a "half eighth" of marijuana?
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So there's a new game called 'Hatred' causing controversy...
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Does DC really not get what's making the Marvel Cinematic Universe so good???
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My cat's sleeping in my lap =)
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A Scientist found a Spider that weighs as much as a Dog!!! Would you kill it? (Poll)
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I can't stand it, every game should be on every system
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straight outta compton
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FFS The Pokemon Demo was hacked (spolers)Judgmenl910/20 8:12AM
Inspired by JanwayDaahl's topic, what kind of toothbrush do you have? (Poll)
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what will be the biggest release of November? (Poll)
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