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I'm playing earthbound for the first time (spoilers)Action5385/24 11:22PM
If you haven't yet, I recommend buying Life is Strange.
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WastelandCowboy135/24 11:18PM
Any games to recommend that is like Dark Cloud or SotN?RayKnight85/24 11:13PM
Infograph of the deadliest Marvel characters' murdersMasterSword54635/24 11:11PM
Who the f*** keeps paying to watch those s***ty "gothic" movies?
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Zareth165/24 11:07PM
Best world in Super Mario Bros 3 (Poll)
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Ogurisama235/24 11:01PM
Do people still make fun of Elton John?
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Captain-Trips145/24 10:57PM
Former US Chief Justice Warren E. Burger is kayaking in the Mississippi River...rgonautweekend25/24 10:56PM
I wish I knew how to make a board archiverAwesomeTurtwig55/24 10:55PM
This lands on your hand what do you do?
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Ogurisama165/24 10:54PM
Please listen to Blurryface.
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Kanakiri245/24 10:49PM
honk.honkfriend85/24 10:45PM
Sony's Anti DDOS contractor blocks your modem's MAC address
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Metal_Gear_Link185/24 10:43PM
How do you take your steak? (Poll)
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Wyand_Voidbring315/24 10:40PM
Just the PotDers forums was wiped D=
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AwesomeTurtwig235/24 10:40PM
This 16 y/o Girl was seen Weeping over her Dad's grave who died from PTSD!!! (Poll)Full Throttle95/24 10:35PM
The Shield vs The Wire (Poll)Captain-Trips35/24 10:33PM
The f***ing coolest animal ever series - Day 15 - The Antlion! (Poll)
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Zeus115/24 10:33PM
Watching Summer WarsJoanOfArcade65/24 10:28PM
You are 70% more likely to be SWATTED if you live-stream. So do you?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle155/24 10:27PM