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So, this Shadow of Mordor game looks really awesome....
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Kr0w1Nc4rNa73127/26 9:18AM
i5 or i7? Macbook Air
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RayKnight297/26 9:07AM
Have you ever ran a red light before? (Poll)
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Full Throttle387/26 8:27AM
Don't you love getting b****ed out by people that don't know you?
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LemonDestroyer267/26 8:19AM
destiny sucks.
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helIy147/26 8:03AM
I got some people mad on the Pokemon board by saying fighting games aren't compJudgmenl77/26 7:40AM
This is the woman who's going to be Elsa in Once Upon A Time
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OmegaM127/26 7:39AM
Is it illegal to download a PDF a guy made himself, put up on his own website,bluPython57/26 7:36AM
Tis a sad day for my dog :(VioletZer067/26 7:16AM
You know what to do with that big fat butt!Arctic_Sunrise47/26 6:58AM
Destiny beta open for everyone now.
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Kimbos_Egg117/26 6:55AM
Apparently Google gets mad if you search too much within a short period of time.wightSea57/26 6:48AM
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey New n Tasty is awesome.Far-Queue107/26 6:45AM
Since I like Destiny Beta A LOT, here are some codes for the Xbone beta.
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pipebomb_phil177/26 6:37AM
Since I like Destiny Beta A LOT, here is a code for the Xbox 360 beta.pipebomb_phil107/26 6:36AM
i need a hug right nowLootman47/26 6:31AM
wow no pic of that person in a dressLootman57/26 6:28AM
do the disgaea games have continuityhelIy47/26 6:26AM
I remember when I took guitar lessons when I was 15 and the instructor...bluPython27/26 6:21AM
Is there a Fire Emblem-esque game for PC?
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AloneWeStand257/26 4:53AM