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How do you cope with a broken heart.
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Foril89144/17 2:36AM
why do networks these days see one hit show and then spam it everyday?
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NightMareBunny284/17 2:27AM
Which gaming song do you like the best? (Poll)
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Lokarin154/17 1:35AM
What game would you like a speed run of?Lokarin74/17 1:15AM
You know the problem with you young people?Zeus14/17 1:12AM
Is America the most badass country in the World (Poll)
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St_Kevin214/17 1:01AM
Well, I'm getting fired from my volunteer job. Ask me anything.
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EclairReturns244/17 12:53AM
Do lurkers count as PotDers? (Poll)
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Grendel Prime434/17 12:46AM
I legitimately thought it was a joke to like Dragon Ball Z a few years ago...
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shadowsword87134/17 12:41AM
C/D You have your own home or apartment to stay in (Poll)aznStaRBoY84/17 12:31AM
I have track marks now.zpoopinthe3rd74/17 12:12AM
Story time, PotD.acesxhigh34/16 11:57PM
Do you ever play video games on the toilet?McSame_as_Bush74/16 11:44PM
when you have to fart, do you go to the bathroom? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust304/16 11:41PM
Guys, GameARTS is doing a survey...WindMouseHanpan14/16 11:37PM
I have broken a ds in halfZeus14/16 11:24PM
When's the last time you has sex
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IAmNowGone2094/16 11:23PM
"Tell her she's as gorgeous as a thousand sunsets."AtledAotearoa34/16 11:22PM
My 3DS broke cause i got siracha in itssj4supervegeta64/16 11:19PM
Dungeon of the Endless is cool...papercup44/16 11:19PM