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My game Sneaky Ninja's been greenlit on Steam! :OSullyTheStrange711/26 10:12PM
I hope onii Chan sempai kun senseiSHADOW0106111/26 10:12PM
I'm playing through Skyrim for the first time.
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LanHikari10 (M)1211/26 10:12PM
Had gay sex for the first time last night
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Junpeiclover2311/26 10:11PM
Does anyone know the context of this video of a cop arresting a dude?Metro2511/26 10:11PM
My thoughts on the Ferguson case.
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Storrac11411/26 10:10PM
I just finished reading Eragon.EclairReturns711/26 10:10PM
This is a real article. :(dragon504211/26 10:09PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 601| The Twilight Zone (Poll)Slayer7861811/26 10:09PM
What makes you prefer one secret base over another in Pokemon OR/AS?Xfma100111/26 10:07PM
Wow, Berserk is a pretty cool anime
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St_Kevin1511/26 10:07PM
Meet Jesus, or one night stand with a person of your choice. (Poll)
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Q_Sensei4811/26 10:06PM
Official PotD Destiny Topic (All Systems): Part Three
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ParanoidObsessive7511/26 10:04PM
Reign Over Me actually has a lot of Shadow of the Colossus in it.FellWolf311/26 10:00PM
did anyone here like the axe cop cartoon?NightMareBunny211/26 9:57PM
My country's politicians are a*******(Ebola and politics in general).
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TesstheGoblin1111/26 9:53PM
My GF sent me boob pics.
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CiIantro2111/26 9:53PM
I want to get into Mystery Science Theater 3000, what episode should I watch?Storrac611/26 9:46PM
Michael Phelps has dumped his Transgender 41 y/o Girlfriend..Are you surprised?? (Poll)Full Throttle311/26 9:44PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 54 - Pursuit~Caught (Phoenix Wright: T&T) (Poll)quigonzel711/26 9:42PM